AI Can Now Find Out If You Are Faking Illness To Bunk Office


Last Updated: April 12, 2023, 08:30 IST

AI is slowly showing new features that can make things easier

AI is slowly showing new features that can make things easier

AI is a hot subject for good and bad reasons, and now new applications show what it can actually do.

Artificial intelligence will ensure you don’t bunk work anymore, as the technology is now ready to tell if you are faking illness by reading the tone of your voice. That’s right, everything that is good about AI also has its drawbacks and this new feature has been developed to ensure people don’t fall sick, but its reading means that you won’t be able to lie your way out of going to work.

The system has been developed to help people detect if they have a cold, and that is done by analysing your voice patterns.

The system comes via the researchers from Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat in Gujarat, as per the report by The Economist. The team was able to analyse voice patterns of around 630 people and the AI algorithm was able to detect cold in 111 out of them.

You might say that AI using voice analysis is nothing new, but the unique thing about this tech is that the machine learning was fed with data based around harmonics which is known as the vocal rhythm when a person speaks.

And because the AI was trained to detect speech, it was easily able to differentiate between the people who actually had a cold and those who were pretending to be sick. Now, imagine if this system is deployed by offices then people would find it hard to bunk office, especially using the classic, “I am sick, *cough cough* excuse.

To be fair, the researchers had a noble idea behind working on this study, which is to help people detect if they have fever without going to a doctor. But another report from the Business Insider hints that a tool like this could become equally useful for companies as well.

ChatGPT has to be the biggest revolution in the AI space this year, but every day we are seeing new applications built on AI that looks to solve problems albeit with some chinks in the armour which definitely needs a serious oversight.

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