Android 14 to allow users to block apps from using full-screen notifications


Google recently released the first beta of Android 14 for Pixel smartphones. The beta update brings some new changes to the Pixel smartphones and one such feature is the ability to block apps from using full-screen notifications.
As reported by 9to5Google, Android 14 is said to allow users to block the apps from taking full-screen view while displaying notifications. If you are a beta tester then you will find this feature within the ‘Special App Access’ settings. Under the above-mentioned setting you will notice a new permission for managing ‘full-screen intents’. Users can use this permission to authorise or reject an app’s capability to show notification content in full-screen mode, which includes features like alarms, meeting reminders, and incoming calls.
The page will consist of the names of all the apps that are using full-screen notifications. Each app will have a toggle button which is on by default. Users can then change the setting of any app which will then force the apps to revert back to a notification instead of a full-screen view.
Here’s how to download Android 14 Beta 1
There are various methods to install the Android 14 beta version on your smartphone, but the easiest way is to visit the Android Beta for Pixel and verify if your Pixel phone meets the beta program’s requirements. However, it’s important to note that this is a beta version, and it may contain numerous bugs and problems, so it’s not advisable to install it on your primary device. Moreover, before initiating the update, it’s essential to ensure that all your data is properly backed up.
If you’ve previously enrolled in the beta program or you’re a developer, there’s no necessity to register again. If you’re eligible, the Android 14 beta update will be automatically sent to you.


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