Apple CEO Tim Cook Shares His Views On AR/VR Ahead Of WWDC 2023


Last Updated: April 04, 2023, 13:36 IST

Apple is going ahead with its XR headset plans in 2023

Apple is going ahead with its XR headset plans in 2023

The company is expected to share more details about its rumoured XR headset at the WWDC 2023 in June this year.

Apple is rumoured to be working on a headset that marries augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) into one hardware. The company has not shared any details about this product and when it could possibly launch but going by recent views from Apple CEO Tim Cook, that date is unlikely to be far away.

Cook has hinted at Apple’s focus on mixed reality (XR) that combines AR and VR but he doesn’t feel that XR will isolate people and is all about individual experience. Cook has shared his views in an interview with GQ recently, and he believes that FaceTime is an ideal use case for XR where people can not only chat but also collaborate for different projects.

Apple has been working on the XR headset for sometime but it has faced delays, mostly because the company never felt convinced about its use case. But with 5G networks offering high data speeds, this has to be the ideal time for Apple to take charge and show the virtue of XR with its rumoured product. Cook has kept differing views on AR, especially when Google was first in the scene with Google Glass and he didn’t see the product succeeding for varied reasons.

But there definitely has been a quick turnaround in his opinion, which he credits to Steve Jobs, who advised him never to be afraid to do a 180 on opinions, when you have proof to suggest the case. Apple has changed its stance over the years, and one of the biggest 180 has to be the company launching big screen iPhones, which would have never happened with Jobs around. But Apple did have evidence to see the bigger iPhones succeeding with other companies easily changing the trends of the market.

Apple has confirmed the dates for WWDC 2023 in June this year, and varied reports suggest the company won’t have the product in flesh but would definitely talk about its plans and software powering the device.

The Apple XR headset has seen its production delayed to late 2023 which means the hardware may not come to the market before mid-2024. Apple is likely to charge a hefty $3000 (Rs 2.43 lakh approx) for the device, which is in line with Cook’s views on AR and where he sees the product fit in the early years of the segment. Either way, we are all excited to see when and how Apple plans to go ahead with its XR headset launch.

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