Apple iPhone 14 Plus Could Be A Bigger Hit Than iPhone 13 Mini: Here’s How


Last Updated: March 22, 2023, 19:07 IST

iPhone 14 Plus has a bigger screen than the Mini variant

iPhone 14 Plus has a bigger screen than the Mini variant

Apple decided that people don’t want a compact iPhone anymore and replaced it with a Plus variant in the iPhone 14 series.

Apple replaced the iPhone Mini variant with the 14 Plus last year and early indications were that the company didn’t gain a lot with this move. But fast-forward to Q1 2023, and industry reports suggest the Plus variant has served its purpose by selling more than the iPhone 13 Mini in 2021.

The Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) has shared its report which gives us an idea about the panel shipments done for various companies. The analyst firm states that the iPhone 14 series saw 2 percent increase in display shipment compared to the iPhone 13 lineup. It also confirms that Apple continues to benefit from showering better features on the iPhone Pro models, which is invariably going to increase its revenues, while the lower iPhone variants keep the other consumers happy.

The analysis also explains if the decision of adding the Plus variant has benefited Apple in any way. It says that the display shipment for the iPhone 14 Plus model was 59 percent more than what Apple sourced for the Mini variant in 2021. So, does this mean the iPhone 14 Plus has been a success?

In relative terms, Apple might not feel that it has been a big upgrade on the Mini variant, but when you look at the overall picture with the Pro variants in the mix, Apple will feel that the Plus variant has a bigger chance to appeal to buyers compared to the compact Mini which clearly hints that smaller-sized phones are no longer in demand.

Apple has already started planning for 2023 with the rumoured iPhone 15 lineup that is likely to see the first USB C charging support on iPhones. The Pro models could yet again see more gains compared to the vanilla variant, which means Apple could price the Pro and Pro Max at a slightly higher range than usual.

The company is also setting up the base to announce its Mixed Reality headset which could be showcased at the Apple WWDC 2023 keynote which usually happens around June every year. Apple will also have new iMacs and other products to display later this year.

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