ChatGPT creates CV for a user, here’s what happened next


The impact of OpenAI‘s chatbot, ChatGPT, cannot be ignored as it has gained immense popularity among users worldwide. Many individuals are turning to ChatGPT to seek answers to their daily queries. One such incident recently surfaced online in which a Reddit user asked the chatbot to write a CV for him.
“I have been using chatGPT to apply for jobs. I give it my CV and the job description/person specification. I ask it to adapt my CV/experience into a person specification tailored for that role. I ask it to provide outstanding answers to any question it asks, using my cv/experience to generate examples of how I have met the person specification with examples using the STAR framework for each and every one,” [sic.] mentioned the user in his post.
The CV written by ChatGPT turned out to be of great help to the user as he started receiving multiple interview calls after that. “I have an extremely high response rate inviting me for interviews, this is for jobs that I would never have even considered myself at the level for at all. I half-heartedly go through a list of jobs and apply for them and get a response from a large number asking me for an interview. For the vast majority, I get feedback from the interview saying that my application was ‘outstanding’ and that ‘we were extremely impressed with your application and the examples you have provided’. I always scoff when I read that,” added the user.
ChatGPT introduced new privacy features
Recently, OpenAI rolled out new privacy features for ChatGPT. The company has now announced that ChatGPT users can now turn off the option of chat history in ChatGPT. The feature has been made available to all users and can be accessed in ChatGPT’s settings, which can be modified as desired. We have confirmed that the feature has been rolled out by verifying its availability in ChatGPT.


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