Firefly: Adobe introduces generative AI in vector recolouring with Firefly, here’s what it does


Adobe Firefly, the company’s new family of creative generative AI models, made its debut last month. It said that the models will initially be focused on images and text effects. Building on the previous announcement, the software giant has now announced that the generative AI-powered vector recolouring tools are now available in the Firefly beta.
Vector recolouring in Firefly Beta
Adobe Illustrator is a leading vector-based drawing tool that enables graphic designers and artists to create vector art. The generative AI will help artists to quickly enter detailed text descriptions, generate different vector styles, and get assistance by generating colour options for the vector design.

“Built on advanced machine learning models that enable a computer to generate content based on nothing more than a description, generative AI evolves the possibility and promise of AI exponentially by fundamentally transforming the conversation between creator and computer into something more natural, intuitive and powerful,” the company said in a statement.
How AI in vector colouring will help users
Vector art is readily used in website designs, artwork suitable for layouts such as billboards and vehicle wraps; and motion graphics with easy SVG asset animation capabilities. The AI in recolouring will enable artists and users to speed up time-consuming tasks.
The AI will help users quickly generate colour renditions across different formats and create vector variations for dark and light modes on UI interfaces, among others.

These tools can also be used to recolour artwork based on customer feedback, “adhere to brand requirements, create social media graphics, develop company logos, generate poster designs, and composite in Adobe Photoshop.”
“We believe that ethically developed and deployed generative AI can help increase creative confidence in people of every skill and experience level, serving as a creative co-pilot to remove barriers between imagination and blank pages,” the company added.


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