Firefox Browser Now Stops Tracking For Android Phone Users


Last Updated: March 16, 2023, 08:30 IST

Mozilla launched the tool for PC users in 2021

Mozilla launched the tool for PC users in 2021

Mozilla launched the tool for its web browser on Windows, Mac and Linux earlier.

Mozilla has been advocating for user privacy and after staying true to its word for PC users, it has extended support for its anti-tracking tool to Android phones. The feature called Total Cookie Protection (TCP) will be enabled by default on Android phones for users and make sure that websites cannot track your web activity to push personalised ads on your screen.

Mozilla has been working on this feature for a while, starting with 2018. We also got the TCP in 2021 but its support was limited to the web browser on Windows, Mac and Linux. And finally in 2023 it is bringing the tool for smartphones, which is a much needed addition for millions of Android smartphone users out there.

Mozilla says TCP is rolling out gradually on Android and everyone should get it by next month. Google was also expected to have a similar feature rolled out this year, which has unsurprisingly been pushed to next year, without giving any concrete timeline.

TCP being enabled by default is a welcome move, as people might not be aware of the feature on Firefox and won’t be able to take advantage of its anti-tracking measures. Mozilla continues to develop tools to help people thwart these digital issues, mostly related to their tracking IDs which are used to push ads.

Apple has been strongly against these policies for third-party apps like Facebook but it has developed its mechanism to monitor the device IDs to have ads. Apple has also increased the presence of ads on the App Store and other platforms since late 2022. All these tech companies realise the value of having data accrued from the user, Google knows it very well, and Mozilla is working to dither these practices and offer privacy and security to the user.

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