Google Bard AI Chatbot Is Finally Getting ChatGPT-Like Features: What Are These


Last Updated: April 24, 2023, 17:44 IST

ChatGPT has evolved into a v4.0 AI chatbot

ChatGPT has evolved into a v4.0 AI chatbot

The AI chatbot is lagging behind the competition but Google is gradually offering new features.

Google has been slow in the AI chatbot race and its Bard AI continues to lag behind the competition in many aspects. The latest addition to the Bard AI is the ability to write codes and debug them as well. These new features are part of Google’s promise, as highlighted by CEO Sundar Pichai in an interview recently.

Google has been found wanting with its focus on AI applications, and ChatGPT has definitely caught them wanting in many spheres. Having the power to code using Bard is a positive step but there is still a long way to go before the AI chatbot is capable of matching the best.

Google claims that coding has been one of the top requests from its users and so the company is fulfilling their wishes by adding the feature to Bard this week. We’re launching these capabilities in more than 20 programming languages including C++, Go, Java, Javascript, Python and Typescript. And you can easily export Python code to Google Colab — no copy and paste required. Bard can also assist with writing functions for Google Sheets,” as Google noted in its blog post. Google is offering the new feature to select groups of users in the US and UK as a part of the testing phase.

Pichai did mention that Google would take caution while launching a product and make it effective rather than release it quickly in the market riddled with mistakes. Testing with a smaller sample of users also allows the engineers at Google to fix any bugs and issues with the responses from the AI before allowing the public to access the information.

ChatGPT from Open AI is definitely in a different zone, with its v4.0 that has plugin support so that you can use the AI chatbot to get responses from the internet. You also have it available on Microsoft Edge browser, Microsoft Bing Search and even Office Suite of apps.

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