Google: Google makes Bard AI available to these users: All the details


It has been more than a month since Google unveiled its generative AI-powered tool, Bard. Following the rip-roaring success of ChatGPT and Microsoft’s integration of it in its various apps and services, Google has been under pressure to make its move. Bard, when initially launched, was made available to a limited number of users. Google is now casting a wider net and making Bard available to more users.
According to a blog post by the company, Bard will now be available for Workspace users. “Google Workspace admins can now enable Bard for their domains, allowing their users to access Bard using their Workspace accounts,” said Google in the blog post. The company said that Workspace users can now use Bard to help with work, research, or other business needs when signed into their administrator-enabled Google Workspace account. In other words, personal Google accounts still can’t access Bard. The feature is only available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers
How can users get started with Bard?
Admins of Google Workspace accounts will be able to give access to their users. Google said that Google Workspace admins will be able to turn access to Bard on for their users. Here’s how they can do so. Head to the Admin console under Apps > Additional Google services > Early Access Apps. Early Access apps are services and products developed by Google teams. Early Access apps make a Google service or product available to Google Workspace users.

“Workspace admins will have the option to open up access to Bard for their end users through the newly introduced Early Access Apps control,” said Google.
Do keep in mind that this access to Bard is completely different to what Google has in mind for Docs, Sheets and other Workspace apps.


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