Google Is Bringing The Android Wireless Transfer Tool For PCs: All Details


Last Updated: April 04, 2023, 08:30 IST

Transfer files between Android and PC with this tool

Transfer files between Android and PC with this tool

Android phones got the file transfer option a few years back and now they can share files wirelessly with a PC as well.

PC users finally have a way to transfer files wirelessly with an Android phone, now that Google is bringing the Nearby Share file transfer tool to Windows this week. The company has announced the beta version app of Nearby Share which can be downloaded on any PC running Windows 10 or higher version. Only PCs running on ARM are not compatible with the app.

The beta version is rolling out to select parts of the globe and the US for the moment. Google has shared a list of countries where the Nearby Share beta app is not supported and we’re pleased to see that India is not on the list, which means people with a Windows 10 or 11 PC can try out the new wireless transfer tool right away. Google has developed an .exe file that can be downloaded from this page and you can install the app to get started.

Nearby Share has been available on Android phones for a few years now, and this tool is basically the AirDrop version for Android users. You can share photos, documents, audio files and more from one phone to another wirelessly and it works effectively. Now the same feature is coming for people so that you can have the files transferred from PC to an Android phone.

The features are also the same with the PC beta version, wherein the user can decide the visibility of their PC and limit the reach to their contact, devices linked to your account or no one.

Android Nearby Share App For Windows: How It Works

Google has shared the basics to follow that will get you started with Nearby Share on PC.

– Download the Nearby Share app and install it on your Windows PC

– Sign in with your Google ID

– Change device visibility mode to allow file transfer

– Send or receive files from Android to Windows PC wirelessly

Google mentions that you need to have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled on the Windows PC to use the feature. The devices should be within 16 ft of each other. The company also assures that all Nearby Share transfers are end-to-end encrypted.

It is good to see Android bring this feature for Windows users, allowing the non-Mac user base to now quickly share files on the go. The app is still in beta which means it could have bug issues and the main reason why Google is limiting its reach for now.

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