Google Play Store Faces Outage As Android Users Not Able To Update Apps For Over 1 Hour


Last Updated: April 25, 2023, 15:06 IST

Millions of users were unable to access the app store

Millions of users were unable to access the app store

Because of the issue many people were not able to download apps or update the existing ones.

Millions of Android phone users were facing issues downloading and updating their apps on Tuesday as the Play Store stopped working for over an hour. As per the details given on, the Android app store from Google faced outage in the country, and users from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru among others shared their complaints regarding the downtime.

And it seems the outage had a global impact, as people from other parts of the world also shared the update regarding the Play Store outage via Twitter. The issue was first reported around 10:00 AM IST on Tuesday and it recorded thousands of reports till 11:30 AM IST.

These people were seeing a message on the Play Store that suggests Google had issues transmitting the information from its server to the Play Store. “Something went wrong, error retrieving information from server,” this is what people were seeing when they opened the Play Store on their Android phones earlier today.

Google has not given any update on the cause of the outage but it is likely that the server running the Play Store decided to take some quiet time. We’ll keep you updated with any possible details from Google. Many people were in the middle of updating their apps or even planning to download new ones when the Play Store went kaput.

At the time of writing, Play Store was back but for over an hour millions of Android devices were unable to access the app store. Incidents like these have strengthened the case for multiple app stores to be supported by Android phones.

Google continues to wage battle against antitrust regulators from multiple countries, but the logical conclusion has to consider the well-being and the benefit of the consumers, who have made Android a mobile behemoth over the past decade.

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