Here’s How Much Salary ChatGPT Trainers Earn


Last Updated: May 10, 2023, 18:06 IST

ChatGPT uses manual training to become better and give you faster responses

ChatGPT uses manual training to become better and give you faster responses

The popular AI chatbot wouldn’t be here without manual assistance and training from the workers contracted by OpenAI.

ChatGPT AI is spreading its wings everywhere but the AI chatbot needs human assistance to learn and evolve with time. Human workforce is needed for data labelling and according to reports, OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT has enrolled many contractors from the US to do the legwork and improve ChatGPT to give you faster and accurate responses.

The same report also mentions that for a complex job such as this, OpenAI is actually not paying the contractors as well as many of you would have thought. In fact, the company is only paying $15 per hour to these US-based contractors, says the report from NBC News this week.

These details were shared by Alexej Savreux, who is one of the contract workers with OpenAI and helping the company build and train the artificial intelligence chatbot so that it can give impressive results.

Savreux is quoted saying that his work involves grunt and claims without their efforts there would be no ChatGPT for the world to use. He and other contract workers train the AI chatbot and help it analyse data, which is the premise of giving users the results for their queries in text or visual form.

Workers like Savreux are vital for the growth of ChatGPT and OpenAI clearly understands their value but when you compare that with the measly compensation given to the workers, you see the negligence and even the lack of ethics to offer a minimum hourly wage.

The likes of Savreux claim the $15 per hour wage has helped him escape homelessness and it is evident that OpenAI and other companies scour the market for such workers who can help them train the AI datasets for peanuts.

OpenAI isn’t a good paymaster in general and even the moderators working for the company are paid the bare minimum. The report mentions that OpenAI has over 1000 remote contractors from the US, Eastern Europe and Latin America, which shows the wide global reach OpenAI has used to develop and improve the performance of AI chatbots like ChatGPT, which is now in its fourth-gen avatar.


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