How To Avoid Falling Prey To These Attackers


Last Updated: May 08, 2023, 17:48 IST

WhatsApp users are facing a new kind of scam these days, and here's how you can avoid falling for it

WhatsApp users are facing a new kind of scam these days, and here’s how you can avoid falling for it

Many WhatsApp users are getting calls from international numbers but there is no need to answer them.

Recently there have been reports about people getting WhatsApp calls from international numbers that are nothing but spam calls. These calls ping once and then the attacker hopes the user will message or call back. In some cases, people have got the message on their WhatsApp number as well, promising them part-time jobs with basic functions such as liking the YouTube page of their supposed company.

But like we have stressed umpteen times before, calls like these should not be entertained, and you shouldn’t engage with them via chat as well. But it can be hard to stop people from calling/messaging you on WhatsApp but what you can do is strengthen your WhatsApp privacy settings so that some of the basic features of the messaging app are hidden from the public, and only those in your contacts can read or see.

How To Avoid Scammers On WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a set of tools that can improve your privacy on the messaging and ensure these scammers are not able to reach you. Here are some of them that can help you with better protection

Block and Report Accounts

The moment you get a message or call from any number that looks random or from another country, we suggest you quickly block and report such accounts. If you feel the number is from a legit source, first message the person and see if they want to acquire any personal details, and if so, then immediately end the chat to avoid getting duped.

Mask your WhatsApp Online Status

WhatsApp has options that let you see other’s online status (seen), their photo and other personal details. But the messaging app offers you the choice to hide them from a select group of people, or everybody. You can go to the main settings of the app and change the option in the privacy section. Do keep in mind that hiding your online status means you cannot see their status as well.

Be Smart With What You Do Or Say

And finally, it goes without saying that for most of these scams, it depends on how aware the user is, and how they read the tone of the message. Never fall into the trap of mistaking urgency with the need to share information with strangers. If someone sends a message with suspicious links and asks you to download an app or open some website, don’t ever click on such links.

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