How To Enable Voice Isolation On iPhone After iOS 16.4 Update For Better Voice Calls


Last Updated: April 07, 2023, 15:37 IST

iOS 16.4 version for iPhones brings this new feature

iOS 16.4 version for iPhones brings this new feature

Apple released the new iOS 16.4 version for compatible iPhones recently which brings a host of new features.

Apple released the new iOS 16.4 version update for iPhone users recently which brings a host of new features and security protection for the device. You have the version compatible with varied iPhone models, but one of the more useful features released with the update is the voice isolation tech.

Apple claims that voice isolation tech is helpful in removing the background noise while you are on a call, which results in a clearer voice quality.

Apple has provided this feature on FaceTime calls since last year, and now all iPhone calls have the technology supported as well. Now that the iOS 16.4 update has come out, we got to experience the new feature and see if it does make any difference to your regular voice calls on an iPhone.

Voice isolation for iPhones

Apple iPhone Voice Isolation Feature For Call: Does It Work?

First up, how does one get the voice isolation feature to work on the iPhone. It goes without saying that you need to install the new iOS 16.4 update (if compatible) and after that you will see the new option available in the Control centre. Follow these steps to enable it for calls:

– Get on a voice call from your iPhone and pull the Control centre from top right

– Click on the mic icon to see a drop-down menu

– Select from Standard, Voice isolation and Wide spectrum modes

It is interesting that Apple has made the feature usable only when you are on a call. There is no option to tweak the modes in the main settings of the device. The standard mode gives you basic voice quality for calls and the wide spectrum is not available at the moment. But what about the voice isolation, does it make a difference?

From our brief time using the feature, we did notice some change but only minor. It is possible that the performance of the feature is directly linked to the network strength in your area, since you are taking a regular voice call. It is also possible that Apple will continue to improve the experience with future iOS versions.

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