HTC Chief Says Apple’s Mixed Reality Plans Does Not Scare Them


Last Updated: March 07, 2023, 13:49 IST

HTC already has made its XR plans clear

HTC already has made its XR plans clear

Apple is expected to have more news on its new product at the WWDC 2023 this year.

Apple plans to have its first Mixed Reality headset in the market later this year, which is likely to be of concern to existing brands like Meta and HTC in the segment.

However, this week, the chief of HTC has come out stating that the company is not scared of having competition, in this case Apple’s entry into the Mixed Reality (XR) arena. Cher Wang, CEO and Co-Founder of HTC was quoted saying by CNBC that Apple’s XR headset could launch mid-2023 or later this year. She also claimed that Apple could mainly focus on the XR ecosystem rather than have Augemented Reality glasses in the market. XR headset offers you the best of AR and VR combined into a single ecosystem.

HTC believes that having Apple enter the XR space augers well for the industry and also shows that the company has made the right decision by entering the segment. The company is expected to make some big revelations at the WWDC 2023 keynote for the consumers and developers getting a first taste of the rumoured realityOS platform.

Apple has been a pioneer in this space for many years. It was one of the first tech brand to ditch the headphone jack on the iPhone, and bring the unique AirPods earbuds, which has now become a mainstream product in the market across different price range.

Wang opines that Apple in ready to enter the XR segment because it feels the market is big enough for the company to make a dent, the report adds.

She also mentions that Apple’s history with entering a segment means that the product is redefined for the industry, allowing other brands to replicate similar ideas for their versions. HTC has taken a unique approach by exiting the mobile business and focus on segments like VR and XR with new products. It will be hoping that Apple’s impending entry works to its benefit as well.

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