Meta Shares Its Plans For AR And VR Glasses In The Next Four Years


Last Updated: March 01, 2023, 19:01 IST

Meta continues to bring new features to the Quest VR

Meta continues to bring new features to the Quest VR

Meta has delayed its product plans in the last few quarters but its long term plans look solid.

Meta has some ambitious plans for its Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality gear in the next few years. Meta is putting all its eggs in the Metaverse basket (the parent company name clearly shows that) and Mark Zuckerberg believes that AR glasses will become as widely used as mobile phones. Meta will have its first AR glasses in the market by 2027.

Meta plans to have not one, not two but four different devices in the next four years to build its repertoire for this revolution. New updates from the company states that it will showcase its first smart glasses in 2025 along with a smartwatch that carries a neural interface.

Meta employees have been briefed about these plans during a presentation this week, as quoted by The Verge. It is surprising to hear these plans, especially after Meta had worldwide layoffs and budget cuts were done to delay various projects related to the Meta hardware division.

In addition to AR, Meta also has immediate plans for its Quest lineup with the Quest 3 headset launch expected later this year and it is likely to cost over $400 (Rs 32,000 approx) thanks to being powerful but two times thinner. Meta is hoping that the hardware focus along with its Metaverse ecosystem will help the company build a service that caters to businesses and consumers as well.

Augmented reality is not just part of Meta’s objective; you also have brands like Google, Apple and some others like Xiaomi and Oppo in the mix. It all comes down to the full package, something that Meta will face from Apple that is rumoured to bring the realityOS ecosystem to the WWDC 2023 later this year.

But apart from the headsets, the development related to the smartwatch will also be interesting. The company has made repeated attempts to make a wearable product that fits its goals but Meta has either delayed the project or canned it altogether.

Meta realises the user’s privacy concerns hanging over its head, not to forget the ethics that comes into the question with these products. But the plans shared by Meta this week suggest the company has a full-fledged roadmap in place, now it remains to be seen if the products come out in the market or not.

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