Microsoft Could Cut Off Access To Bing Data For Other Search Engines: Here’s Why


Last Updated: March 28, 2023, 14:16 IST

Microsoft wants to tighten the access to Bing data

Microsoft wants to tighten the access to Bing data

The company has evolved with the data powered by ChatGPT and it feels the need to protect its content and technology.

Microsoft has taken a strong lead in the AI chatbot race thanks to its smart investment in OpenAI for ChatGPT earlier this year. The company has seen Bing Search become a traffic-hit on the internet, leaving the likes of Google and Amazon behind. But the company is now looking to take advantage of this access, which might prove detrimental to its competitors.

According to new reports, Microsoft has warned a couple of unnamed search engines powered by Bing using its data with their AI tools. The company believes that such actions will be in violation of their contracts, and Microsoft will be forced to limit access to the Bing search data for these companies.

The Bloomberg report hints the search engines could be one of DuckDuckGo, Yahoo or, all of which use the search data via Bing. Microsoft is aware that companies will try to train their respective AI chatbots using the Bing Search data (powered by ChatGPT 4.0). Doing so, helps these companies to save cost and resources that will be used to crawl the internet for data learnings.

The company wants to limit such access to prevent its competition from gaining steam in the AI circuit, the report adds. The timing of this decision is intriguing as the likes of DuckDuckGo have recently introduced their own AI-powered features.

Microsoft has spent $10 billion into its partnership with OpenAI, and the company has all the rights to tighten the screws for anyone using its content and technology. But it will be interesting to see if Microsoft can retain its stranglehold in the AI arena for a longer time, to make such market-centric decisions that can invariably affect its competitors.

ChatGPT has evolved at a brisk pace since the start of the year, and now in the v4.0 you have features and plugin support that takes the AI chatbot to a whole new level by giving it access to the internet to give people their responses and other information.

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