Now you can listen to podcasts on YouTube Music


After being announced in February, podcasts have been officially added to YouTube Music. Available to all users in the United States, podcasts can be listened to on Android, iOS, and the web app, without even subscribing to YouTube Premium or Music Premium.
With the latest update, users who watch podcasts on the main YouTube app can seamlessly transition to listening to them on YouTube Music. YouTube highlights that all users can now enjoy on-demand and offline podcast listening on YouTube Music, even in the background or while casting. Additionally, users can switch between audio and video versions of podcasts without any disruptions on the platform.
“This podcast listening experience is different from our music listening experience where you need a Premium or Music Premium subscription to enjoy some of these features,” the company said in a blog post.
While a benefit of Premium is no-ad experience, YouTube has made it clear that even paid subscribers may come across sponsorship messages or host-read endorsements while listening to podcasts on YouTube Music.
The Podcasts can be found on the Home tab, which offers personalised carousels such as “Keep Listening,” “Recommend Episodes,” and “Your Shows.” Users can discover new podcasts through sections such as “Political Commentary,” “History,” “True Crime,” and “Gaming.”
The Explore tab features a carousel for popular episodes, and Podcasts now appear alongside “New Releases,” “Charts,” and “Moods & Genres.” The Library tab now includes a high-level filter for Podcasts, with two auto-playlists for “New Episodes” and “Episodes for Later.” Users can also filter their subscribed channels and downloaded episodes.
In addition to the podcasts within YouTube Music, Google has a separate app for podcasts, “Podcasts.”
For now, podcasts remain limited to YouTube Music users in the United States. However, Google says it plans to expand the feature to more regions in the coming days.


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