Samsung Employees Leaked Data To ChatGPT, Now Wants To Make Its Own AI Chatbot


Last Updated: April 10, 2023, 16:54 IST

The company is entering the AI chatbot race?

The company is entering the AI chatbot race?

The company had allowed the use of AI chatbot for its employees but that decision has come back to haunt them.

Samsung recently had a big issue to tackle as the company’s employees reportedly leaked sensitive details to ChatGPT forcing the company to ban the use of AI chatbot internally. And now, Samsung is keen to pursue in this direction with its own AI chatbot instead of relying on third-party platforms.

The digital leak was possible because Samsung opened the channels to ChatGPT for its employees but incidents like these puts the company’s security in jeopardy, especially when the data is shared with a third-party chatbot like ChatGPT.

This has prompted Samsung to ban the use of ChatGPT for its employees once again, which should come into effect anytime soon, as per a report by the Economist Korea. Samsung’s decision to build an alternative ChatGPT-like chatbot isn’t surprising as the whole tech industry is now looking for in-house solutions.

The people at Samsung reportedly used ChatGPT to fix a code with bugs and one employee actually shared the minutes of a meeting with the AI Chatbot. Now these are private content and having them on ChatGPT isn’t ideal, especially now that OpenAI’s chatbot has support for plugins which gives it access to the internet to get data and vice versa.

Also, the company has informed users that ChatGPT can store their data for its own training purpose and is not able to delete in some cases. So having such private information about how Samsung operates can easily come in handy for any other company who uses the AI chatbot for its employees.

Samsung is not renowned for its work in the AI segment, where it only has Bixby chatbot as its claim to glory, albeit in a relative measure. The report doesn’t tell us if the South Korean giant has already started working on its AI chatbot but we are sure to get more details on that later this year at one of the company’s developer conferences.

Microsoft definitely has the lead over its rivals, thanks to the $10 billion the company has invested in OpenAI. Microsoft has access to the ChatGPT v4.0 which is part of Bing Search, Edge browser and even some Office apps.

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