These Google Pay Users Got Paid Over Rs 80,000 In Their Accounts: All Details


Last Updated: April 10, 2023, 15:06 IST

Some lucky google users got free money

Some lucky google users got free money

The company regularly tests features with employees for which they are rewarded but looks like this time non-Google people got it.

Some Google Pay users got paid by Google all thanks to a glitch in the mobile payment app recently. Many of those lucky people shared their excitement via Reddit claiming they got money up to Rs 88,000 in their Google Pay accounts.

Some of them even wanted to cross check if they have got the money from their friends or family but turns out Google had a glitch that accidentally sent money to Google Pay users, and the interesting thing is some of them were using a Google Pixel phone.

The details of this glitch was shared by a tipster, who got $46 as rewards in his Google Pay account, which he claims was part of “dogfooding the Google Pay Remittance experience. This is part of Google’s testing process, wherein the company uses its employees to test the unreleased features before it rolls out for the public.

These employees are then paid for testing the features which come in the form of rewards and in this case the features it seems were linked to Google Pay. With this glitch, this money was received by employees and people out of Google’s internal network.

Some of these users have also got an email from Google informing them about the glitch which is why they got the money accidentally. While it is likely that some non-Pixel phone users might also have gotten it, considering these rewards are given to employees, who in most cases would be using a Pixel phone, chances are most of these accidental rewards have been paid to Pixel users.

Google has told these users that they would try to reverse the payment received. But it is possible that some of these users might not comply with the company and probably decide to keep the reward to themselves. After all, some of these users have got rewards for as much as $1000 (Rs 82,000 approx), which is not a small amount to return and people would claim their luck is what got them this accidental reward.

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