This Smartwatch Brands Allows You To Get Answers From ChatGPT On The Wrist


Last Updated: March 06, 2023, 19:18 IST

ChatGPT is now coming to your wrist

ChatGPT is now coming to your wrist

ChatGPT is everywhere these days and now it is time to have it on the wrist.

What if we tell you that you can now experience using ChatGPT on a smartwatch? That’s right. Company called Amazfit which makes quality smartwatches has now integrated the popular AI Chatbot into its platform. The brand is owned by its parent company Zepp Health which offers the Zepp OS operating system for its wearables. The new update provided to the Zepp OS integrates the Open AI chatbot to give you answers on the wrist.

ChatGPT On Smartwatch: How It Works

So, how does the new update allow you to use ChatGPT on the smartwatch? Amazfit has developed a tool in the form of a separate dial (watch face) that offers a chat feature for the user allowing them to chat with the AI chatbot. Amazfit claims it will answer your queries and offer different actions based on them. The chatbot will also give multiple data for any question you ask. You can ask ChatGPT about weather, traffic, and even what time it is in different cities.

Other use case applications are expected to be part of the feature set for Amazfit smartwatches in the near future. But it is intriguing that a brand outside of the premium category like Samsung or Google has managed to bring ChatGPT to the smartwatch ecosystem.

Make no mistake, Amazfit makes some quality wearable devices but having the AI Chatbot on the wrist does sound interesting and gives more people the chance to buy its products. Looking at how the Zepp OS has managed to integrate ChatGPT, expect more wearable brands to make a similar move in the coming months.

ChatGPT is everywhere currently, including Microsoft’s Bing search and Edge browser. You also have a paid version of the OpenAI chatbot, as the company looks to monetise for its efforts and build a robust ecosystem to help evolve the AI chatbot and add more use cases.

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