Titanium Frame, Bigger Cameras, ‘Haptic’ Buttons & More


iPhone 15 Pro may get a Deep Red colourway. (Image: 9to5Mac/Ian Zelbo)

iPhone 15 Pro may get a Deep Red colourway. (Image: 9to5Mac/Ian Zelbo)

According to new renders, the iPhone 15 Pro may come with a titanium frame, possibly replacing the current steel build, as well as a larger camera bump, redesigned haptic buttons, and significantly smaller bezels.

The iPhone 15 series is still half a year away and expected to launch in September. However, renders detailing what the iPhone 15 Pro could look like have come out—courtesy of Ian Zelbo and 9to5Mac. Based on the renders, users can expect quite a few changes compared to the outgoing iPhone 14 Pro models, including a titanium frame—which could potentially replace the current steel build, a bigger camera bump, redesigned ‘haptic’ buttons, and much smaller bezels. 

According to 9to5Google, the iPhone 15 Pro could feature a titanium frame with slightly rounded edges and perhaps even a brushed finish—replacing the current glossy finish that is infamous for picking up fingerprints.

The cameras are also potentially getting a fair bit of attention, being the highlight of the marketing material, with a much larger camera bump expanding on the already large camera module that the iPhone 14 Pro models have. Additionally, while it may sound strange, the smaller iPhone 15 Pro is expected to feature a bigger camera bump compared to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. 9to5Mac notes that this is likely due to the periscope zoom that could be reserved for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. All in all, all the rumors point towards the new iPhone 15 Pro models getting even better camera sensors. 

As reported earlier, the iPhone 15 Pro might finally switch to USB-C and feature solid-state haptic volume and mute buttons. 9to5Mac says that the “buttons will be replaced with two new haptic engines dedicated explicitly to emulating a button press.” 

Finally, when it comes to design and aesthetics, the new iPhone 15 Pro models could be getting an all-new deep red color, which could replace the Deep Purple from the current lineup, and the phones may also feature slimmer bezels—coming in at merely 1.55mm. If the renders do turn out accurate, we can expect that it would mark the first time that Apple will switch away from the mute switch it has always offered.

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