Tragic Mobile Phone Explosion In Kerala Claims Life Of 8-Year-Old Girl: All Details


Adityashree, the deceased. (Image: IANS)

Adityashree, the deceased. (Image: IANS)

An eight-year-old girl from Kerala died due to a mobile phone explosion. Investigations suggest the explosion was caused by extensive use and severe heating. Manufacturer Xiaomi India has expressed concern and pledged to work with authorities to determine the cause.

Over the past few years, there has been a concerning increase in the number of mobile phone explosions reported globally. These incidents have resulted in harm and even fatalities, causing immense distress to families and communities. One such tragic incident occurred in Kerala’s Thrissur, where a young girl lost her life due to a mobile phone explosion.

The victim, Adithyasree was only eight years old, and reports suggest that she was using the mobile phone to watch videos when the device suddenly exploded around 10:30 PM on a Monday. Adithyasree was a student in Class 3, studying at Christ New Life School in Tiruvilvamala.

Investigations into the incident reveal that the mobile phone may have exploded due to severe heating caused by extensive use, as per the police. And, as per The Times of India, the child’s grandmother was in another room when she heard a loud blast. Upon investigating, she found Adithyasree lying in a pool of blood with her face disfigured. Adithyasree succumbed to her injuries.

The phone, purchased by Adithyasree’s uncle three years ago, had recently undergone a battery replacement from the same shop, according to Onmanorama. It remains unclear whether the phone was fitted with an official battery or not, and it is likely to be established only after a detailed investigation by the Kerala police. Meanwhile, Xiaomi India, the manufacturer of the phone allegedly involved in the incident, has issued a statement expressing its concern:

“At Xiaomi India, customer safety is of utmost importance, and we take such matters extremely seriously. We stand with the family in this time of difficulty and hope to support them in any way possible. There are some reports that state this is a Redmi phone which is yet to be established, given the matter is currently being investigated. We will work with the authorities to determine the actual cause of the incident and will support them in any required manner,” a Xiaomi India spokesperson said.

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