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RIP legacy blue tick! Twitter has started to remove legacy blue checkmarks – the verification badges that were obtained by people under the old system – from the handles of those who have not subscribed to Blue subscription, fulfilling one of owner Elon Musk’s long-stated plans for the social media network.
Why legacy Blue ticks are removed
Twitter CEO Elon Musk earlier said that Twitter’s new verification system is aimed at ensuring that accounts from notable people and organisations are actually run by them. He said that this will also help reduce bots on the micro-blogging platform. The blue tick is now one of the various features of the Blue subscription for which Musk is charging $8 a month.
Soon after Musk acquired the company, he has shown his dislike for the legacy verification calling it a “lords & peasants system.” Blue ticks were given to notable personalities after they underwent a proper verification system. The checkmark was supposed to be a stamp of authenticity but now, anyone can buy it.
Musk previously announced that Twitter would get rid of legacy Blue ticks on April 1 but only a few handles lost the check mark.
During the same time, Musk tweeted and then deleted a tweet in which he had said the company would give legacy verified accounts “a few weeks grace, unless they tell they won’t pay now, in which we will remove it.” On April 11, he set an April 20 date for removing legacy blue check marks.
Who have lost their blue tick?
The blue tick of several notable individuals, including celebrities and sports persons has been removed. At the time of writing this, blue ticks of Pope Francis, actors Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, cricketers Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, and comedian Ricky Gervais were removed. LeBron James, who initially opposed the idea of paying for verification, has a blue tick on his handle.


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