Vivo Could Merge iQOO Into Its Main Business, Aims To Reduce Operating Costs


Last Updated: March 31, 2023, 08:30 IST

iQOO has launched performance-centric phones

iQOO has launched performance-centric phones

Vivo launched iQOO as a sub-brand but recently we have got some quality devices from the company.

Vivo could be looking to reduce its operating costs by merging with iQOO and running a business. Reports this week suggest Vivo wants to make this move that not only means iQOO will be part of the Vivo lineup, but like Oppo and OnePlus they could be run by the same team.

The report also suggests Vivo could be doing this to reduce its workforce, and merging brands means you will need fewer people to run the business. iQOO was introduced as a sub-brand of Vivo with focus on performance-centric products.

Gradually, iQOO started calling itself as a separate brand, even though the company continued to use Vivo’s R&D, supply chain and even the software running on the phones from both the brands. Having said that, Vivo and iQOO have used different marketing and media channels to ensure their branding does not intertwine.

Vivo has not officially shared any update on this decision, so we would prefer to wait for the company to share the message about this move.

iQOO has definitely made its mark with quality additions in the mid-range and the premium segment. Vivo has also evolved as a brand to focus on devices across all price ranges. It has even used Zeiss Optics to enhance its imaging tech, just like OnePlus with Hasselblad and Xiaomi with Leica have done in recent times.

Vivo has a different approach with its products compared to iQOO, as the company has delivered products that are selfie-focused, about design and other times compete with brands in the segment. Vivo has also dabbled in the foldable space, but we haven’t seen the company launch the product for the global market so far.

If the merger does go through, we are hoping that Vivo continues to serve the iQOO products with the existing strategy, something that Xiaomi has done with Redmi and Mi series in the past few years.

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