Zigazoo to launch ‘non-toxic’ TikTok competitor


Zigazoo, a startup that offers a TikTok-style video-sharing app for kids, is launching a separate app targeted at Gen Z users. The app is meant for users ages 13 and older. The original app, which is known by the name Zigazoo, has been rebranded to “Zigazoo Kids.”
As per a report in TechCrunch, users in the younger age range will be automatically migrated to Zigazoo Kids. The new app is invite-only and will go live on March 25.
“Zigazoo is invite-only, nontoxic social media designed so you can flaunt your flaws and vibe with people who share your interests. No text comments or trolling! Only real videos and real reactions,” the company said on its website. It will be available for Android and iPhones.

What’s different
Zigazoo doesn’t allow users to type comments on posts but users can respond to each other via short-form videos. As per the company, this style of response reduces negative comments and trolling. The company has also included various safety measures, such as optional private accounts, human-in-the-loop moderation and an algorithm that promotes positivity.
Other features include searchable music and trending sounds. The company said that Zigazoo will soon have entertainment channels where creators will lead the content.

“We consider this moment a major social media reset, where obviously TikTok might get banned, but also Snapchat and Meta are suffering major losses. I think there’s a lot coming into view for everyone where maybe there should be a more critical eye, and there should be a place where people can go and feel good about themselves… We want to see better social media, less toxic social media, and I think the time is really ripe for this moment.,” TechCrunch quoted Zigazoo co-founder Zak Ringelstein as saying.
US ban looming on TikTok
The development comes a day after TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew faced US lawmakers to address their concerns about the social media platform’s ties to China and alleged security risks. He also said his children do not use the app due laws in Singapore, where they live.


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