AI-powered smart glasses launched for visually challenged users: All the details


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), currently, there are nearly 15 million blind people in India. Another 135 million people in the country are suffering from some form of visual impairment. A private hospital in Delhi, in collaboration with Vision Aid India and Bengaluru-based startup SHG Technologies, has launched new AI-powered smart glasses which are aimed towards blind or visually challenged users. The latest Smart Vision Glasses use artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to function. The device uses AI to offer users a more interactive experience. With these new smart glasses, visually challenged users will be able to read books as well as write without scribes.
Smart Vision Glasses: Price and availability
The company hasn’t mentioned any official price of the Smart Vision Glasses. However, SHG Technologies have confirmed that these glasses will be available at a low price to facilitate affordability to visually challenged users in India.
The company’s official site also notes that a similar product available is from Israel. However, this device lacks some features like object detection, Hindi and Indian language support and additional safety.
Smart Vision Glasses: Key features
According to the company, these smart glasses will be able to identify different types of objects placed in front of them. This includes outdoor objects like lamp posts, zebra crossing and trees as well as indoor objects like windows, curtains, tables, laptops, mobile and more. This feature will help users to get familiar with their surroundings.

Smart Vision Glasses also come with a Reading Assistance feature which will help visually challenged users to read both printed and hand-written texts. With this feature, users can also pause to understand the text and resume reading later. Apart from English, the device also supports vernacular languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and Gujarati.
These smart glasses are also equipped with a Walking Assistance feature that will detect if any obstacle is in front of the user with the help of a proximity sensor. Users will also receive timely voice alerts to take precautions. The device also has GPS support to help users get directions.


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