Android 14 may offer more control over “Material You” customisation


With Android 12, Google introduced a new look, “Material You,” adding more colours to the interface. The Material You themes the interface with colours based on the current wallpaper, applying them across the phone, the Android interface, Google apps and some third-party apps. However, except for choosing the primary colour, there is not much extent to customisation, but that may change soon with the coming Android 14.
Within the Android 14 Developer Preview 2, there is a slider to adjust the contrast for Material You theming, as spotted by 9to5Google.
Android 13‘s automated theme uses colour science to ensure adequate differentiation between on-screen elements. However, the light text on a white background can still be hard to read without sufficient contrast. Most users can easily differentiate pieces due to ample colour contrast, but those with weaker eyesight may benefit from contrast adjustments.
Android 14 is set to enhance the accessibility of Material You themes with a newly added “Contrast Level” slider under “Colour and motion” in the Settings app. While turning up the contrast level may not visibly affect Android’s design or colours, certain apps built for Android 14 may show elements with increased contrast levels, as demonstrated in Google’s Material Design Catalog demo app.
The slider offers three options: “Standard” (default), “High” (significantly higher contrast), and a buggy middle option that causes some parts of Material You to become the same colour. Despite some bugs, the slider tweaks various text hues, backgrounds, accents, and selections.


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