Apple Issues Major Security Update For Old iPhone and iPads


Last Updated: March 31, 2023, 08:00 IST

iOS 15.7.4 update promises to fix the issue for older iPhones

iOS 15.7.4 update promises to fix the issue for older iPhones

Apple has already fixed the issue with the new iOS 16 update last month, and now the older models are getting it.

Apple has released a critical patch that fixes security loopholes in some old iPhone and iPads. The iOS 15.7.4 version has been rolled out for people still using the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, the first-gen iPhone SE and more.

You also have some iPads like the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4th gen and more getting iPadOS update with the fix for the similar issues. Reports say Apple’s new release has 16 security patches, but the most important fix is for the WebKit flaw that has plagued all iPhone and iPad models.

As you might be aware, Apple was alerted about the issue last month, and already got it fixed on the latest iOS and iPadOS versions. Now, it has taken care of those devices running on the last stretch of their updates. With the iOS 17 version coming out later this year, it is possible that the iOS 15.7.4 version will be the latest in the series, which means if you are using iPhone 7 or models close to that timeline, it is time to upgrade.

iPhone And iPad WebKit Flaw: All Details

Apple explained that the security issue affected the kernel as well as the Apple Webkit application. The company said the vulnerability could allow an app to execute arbitrary code. When it comes to the WebKit, the concerns are higher, since Apple feels the issue related to the WebKit may have been actively exploited. The patches released in the past few weeks should take care of the vulnerability and we recommend the people using the older iPhone models to update to the new iOS 15 version right away.

iOS Update For iPhones: How To Get

– Open Settings in iPhone

– Click on General

– Tap on Security update

– Refresh the page to see if your iPhone has got iOS 15.7.4 version

– Install the update and restart the iPhone

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