Apple Now Adds 6 More Countries For Its Satellite SOS iPhone Feature: All Details


Last Updated: March 09, 2023, 08:00 IST

Apple now wants more countries to use this SOS feature

Apple now wants more countries to use this SOS feature

iPhone 14 series introduced the new satellite messaging feature that helps with SOS responses in emergencies.

Apple is slowly expanding the reach of its SOS satellite feature for iPhone users. The company has already made it available in 6 countries which includes the US, Canada and parts of Europe. Now, iPhone users can try it out in Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Portugal as well.

With this announcement, Apple now offers its SOS satellite communication feature for iPhone 14 series users in 12 countries. The service availability starts from later this month, as per the company’s details.

Apple says that every model from the iPhone 14 lineup – iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max support the feature.

“Emergency SOS via satellite builds on existing features vital to iPhone users, including Emergency SOS, Medical ID, emergency contacts, and Find My location sharing, offering the ability to connect to a satellite,” Apple states in its blog post. Apple is offering the service free of cost for two years, after which the company will likely offer it as a service package via the Apple subscription model.

iPhone 14 SOS Connectivity Feature: How It Works

Any iPhone 14 user stuck in an area without a network or Wi-Fi signal will see an interface pop up on their phone’s screen. It will ask the person to describe the emergency, ranging from stranded, or lost to others. It could be related to steep terrain, cave or water. Apple says you can point the iPhone towards the sky where it will look to connect to a satellite available in the region.

Apple says in clear conditions, the message can be sent and received in around 15 seconds. This feature can be vital for people stuck in a natural calamity, and it links with the Find My app to get the location of the troubled person. Apple has invested $450 million in developing the critical infrastructure that supports Emergency SOS via satellite for iPhone 14 models.

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