ChatGPT Chief Confirms Bug Leaked User Conversations: Know More


Last Updated: March 23, 2023, 18:33 IST

ChatGPT had a major issue this week

ChatGPT had a major issue this week

The bug allowed people to see conversations from other people in their history bar.

OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman has confirmed that a bug in ChatGPT leaked user data, and he says, the company feels “awful” and the issue has been fixed now. ChatGPT has attracted a lot of attention and this it has made the headlines for some worrying development.

But incidents like these are hard to erase for the millions using the platform. Data leaks are a serious issue and when you converse with AI Chatbots with casual and personal questions, the last thing you want is for all the data to be available for the public.

ChatGPT has become the go-to AI Chatbot since its launch earlier this year. You even have a Plus version that helps you with advanced features for a price. But the model of the chatbot means all your conversations are stored in the user’s history section. The bug resulted in people seeing conversations with the chatbot that they never had.

This means people were actually seeing chats from other people in their history bar. OpenAI spotted the bug after users complained about this issue, and earlier this week, ChatGPT was disabled to fix the problem, which as Altman explained has now been fixed. The pace at which AI Chatbots are trickling down the market, events like these are likely to happen.

Microsoft has invested billions in OpenAI which has allowed the company to access ChatGPT and its latest versions before others in the industry. Google has charted its own path with the Bard AI chatbot that is still available to a select part of world.

AI has ramifications, and OpenAI using the data/chats from users to train the model means any mishap like the one this week could invariably break the trust of humans towards the AI Chatbots. It is imperative that legislations are put in place to avoid damages that can be caused by machines which are trained to learn from our content.

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