Chrome: Chrome 114 beta out now, here’s everything that’s new


Soon after rolling out Chrome 113 in an early stable release, Google dropped the Chrome 114 beta version for beta users and testers. Chrome 114 is now available for users in the beta channel and users can download Chrome beta to try out the new features via Chrome’s official website.
The Chrome 114 beta includes several new features including auto-verify captcha, Material You theme and more. Here’s a list of everything that’s new with Chrome 114 beta.
Auto-verify captcha
Entering captcha manually is painful and Google is solving this problem with the Auto-verify captcha feature in Chrome 114 beta. The latest Chrome update includes a new Private State Tokens API. The API helps websites understand whether you are human or not without the need of entering a captcha. Chrome 114 beta users can enable this feature from under Settings → Privacy and security → Site settings → Additional content settings → Auto-verify.
Chrome 114 switching to own Root Store
Every device that has internet access comes with its own Root Stores that ensure that the connection is secure. These Root Stores provide trusted certificates that helps computers determine whether the connection is secure or not. Google with Chrome 114 is planning to switch to its own Root Stores to provide a seamless experience across all platforms.
On Windows and Mac, Chrome 114 does not allow users to turn off its Root Store. Also, the same changes are coming to Linux, Android and ChromeOS with the Chrome 120 update.
Reading Mode
Google has finally added a dedicated reading mode to Chrome with 114 beta. The feature has been there in other web browsers for a while including Safari and Edge. Chrome users will finally be able to use Reading Mode with 114 update.
Apart from these, Chrome 114 beta includes a glimpse of Material You interface, better positioning for Google Password Manager, lock-less HTTPS pages, background tab animation and more.


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