Find My Device Could Work In Offline Mode On Android 14: What It Means


Last Updated: April 07, 2023, 08:30 IST

Android's tracker needs the phone turned on but that could change soon

Android’s tracker needs the phone turned on but that could change soon

Find my device on Android needs your location and also the phone has to be powered on.

Android phones could soon support the Find my device feature even when the device is turned off. It is intriguing that Apple has offered this feature for iPhones for quite some time, Android folks never got the option.

But that could change now as the traces of code in Android 14 suggest Google is building the support for Find my device in offline mode, which means you will be able to track the device even if the person has turned off the phone.

The tipster quoted in the report suggests the feature will come to Pixel devices and will be called Pixel Power-off. Google could have the tool exclusive to Pixel devices initially and then gradually bring it for other devices in the future Android versions.

The fact that the offline tracker was spotted in the Android 14 code doesn’t necessarily mean that we will see the feature in the next Android version, but we would like to act surprised if that does happen at the Google I/O 2023 keynote that happens next month.

Google’s process to activate Find my device has been complex, wherein the company needs the Android phone to be turned on, location of the phone enabled and also signed in to the Google ID. Apple doesn’t have a checklist for its Find My network to operate, and we are glad that after all these years Google is finally close to bringing the offline option for its phone tracking.

Losing a phone is a big fear for most of us, and the last thing you want is that the tracker cannot do its work if the phone is switched off, which lets be honest most thieves will do the moment they catch hold of your device.

We are hoping to hear more on this feature in the near future, and if Google talks about its presence at the keynote next month then it is possible that Android 14 will get the offline option. But many will also want the company to make the feature backward compatible so that older Android phones could also gain offline support.

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