Future Apple Watch may bring this ‘much anticipated’ smartwatch feature


The most common problem with smartwatches is that they can only be paired with only devices and Apple Watch is no exception. However, that’s about to change with the future Apple Watch. A Twitter user who goes by the handle @analyst941 has reported that Apple may bring multi-device link features with the future version of the Apple Watch.
If you’ve used an Apple Watch, then you must be aware that an Apple Watch can only be paired with one iPhone at a time. However, an iPhone can connect multiple Apple Watches at a time. Apple does not provide any option for linking one Apple Watch to multiple iPhones.
But, as per the tweet, Apple may bring multi-device linking features with future iPhones that will allow users to pair one Apple Watch to multiple iPhones or other Apple devices including Mac and iPad.
The tweet reads, “Apple Watch can sync across more than one Apple device too, finally. I don’t know how this will be implemented. All I know, again, **ALL** I know, is that Apple Watch will sync across multiple iOS/iPadOS/Mac devices, and will no longer be tied to one single iPhone.”
Currently, Apple Watch, once linked to an iPhone as a primary device, allows users to sync Apple Fitness+ data on iPad that’s linked with the same Apple account as the iPhone or use the Watch to unlock Mac, and authenticate apps and payments. But all these features work when the devices are linked to the same Apple account and this is it, you can’t do anything else.
With Apple Watch support getting added to other Apple devices and the ability to pair with multiple devices, users will be able use the Watch with their iPad or Mac in case they want to or with two different iPhones at the same time.
The tipster hasn’t revealed anything about how Apple will implement this feature or whether the Apple Watch version will bring this feature.


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