Google Meet Video Calls Now Support 1080p Quality But Not For Everyone


Last Updated: April 28, 2023, 19:51 IST

1080p quality is available if you have compatible laptop/PC with a camera

1080p quality is available if you have compatible laptop/PC with a camera

Google is offering the new feature for select users and the option is not turned on by default.

Google Meet video calls are now upgrading to 1080p or full HD quality for users. Even in 2023, Google was content with offering 720p quality for its consumers but thankfully that changes now, at least for some of you. Google has decided that changes are needed in Google Meet, especially since it is the de-facto video calling platform from the company after it decided to cull Duo and combine it with Meet.

Google is offering the 1080p video call feature but it is not turned on by default, which means you will have to manually go into Google Meet settings and change the resolution for video calls to get the upgraded quality from 720p to 1080p.

Google is also clear about the fact that you need a laptop/PC with 1080p camera quality to support the higher resolution. Google Meet will inform you about the support through a pop-up box when the person is about to start a video call.

The feature will be available via a new update which is rolling out to users in the coming days. Interestingly, both Google Meet’s rivals, Microsoft Teams and Zoom do not support 1080p video calls by default.

Google Meet Calls in 1080p Quality: Does Everyone Get It?

So does the new 1080p video call support come to all Google Meet users? The answer is no. Google realises that having this feature means it can expand the revenue base, which means you have the business and enterprise consumers who might want the additional benefit for the higher price tier Google One plans. Google says this feature will come to Google One subscribers with 2TB or more cloud storage.

Google One plans start from Rs 130 per month in India, which gets you 100GB free cloud storage and other benefits. HD quality for video calls is probably more attuned to the business consumer but we do expect Google to offer it for others at the later date, once the feature is fully optimised to handle heavy traffic through its servers.

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