Google Now Launcher Is Shutting Down By End Of This Month


Last Updated: April 06, 2023, 08:00 IST

Google Now launcher will stop working from May

Google Now launcher will stop working from May

The Now launcher has been available for more than 10 years but Google is now ready to pull its plug.

Google’s infamous habit of shutting down products sees the Google Now launcher coming to it by this month. The company has confirmed that by April end, the launcher will be completely shut down. The details about the launcher have been picked up from the latest version of the app from Google, as sourced by 9to5Google.

The company has shared a message which informs the users that Google Now launcher will stop working by the end of this month.

Google Now launcher was introduced back in 2012 and now 10 years later, the app is ready to move on, forcing users to switch to other launchers. Google brought the Now launcher to Android phones with version 4.1 and made it available through Play Store.

Google Now launcher has been around for many years but with the launch of the Pixel series, Google decided to give its focus on the Pixel launcher, which meant that the Now launcher was getting fewer updates.

Google last offered the Now launcher via the Nexus phones (remember those?) that lost support from the company in 2018. Now Launcher has a novelty value and it seems anybody using the launcher in 2023 will have it on an outdated phone that won’t be getting any security support from the OEMs anymore.

So, if you plan to keep the Now launcher on the device, we suggest you to avoid updating the app, which will result in shutting down of the launcher forever.

Google has notified that the launcher will stop working by the end of April but it has not given an exact date for the shut down. We’ll update the post with more details as the news is confirmed in the coming days. In the meanwhile, you can switch to more recent third-party launchers that not only give you more features but get longer support.

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