Google Search Powered By AI Chatbot Coming This Week


Last Updated: May 09, 2023, 16:45 IST

AI is a big part of Google's business

AI is a big part of Google’s business

The new-look Search from Google promises to give you results in multiple forms, including TikTok videos with the relevant content.

Google is set for a busy I/O 2023 keynote on Wednesday, with multiple Pixel products, Android 14 expected to be announced. But one other main focus for Google is going to be AI-centric products that will be part of Google Search.

Reports hint that Google Search will get its biggest-ever overhaul that includes AI as well as short videos and social media posts.

The new-look Google Search will focus on the younger audience and also offer AI-centric features that are now imperative for the search giant to package to its consumers. Google wants to modernise Search by making it visually rich and offer content that is easy to consume, as mentioned in its report by the Wall Street Journal this week.

Google planning to make AI-centric announcements at the I/O 2023 keynote hardly comes as surprising news. Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google had recently talked about Google’s continued focus on AI but taking a different approach compared to others in the segment, which primarily means OpenAI that launched the ChatGPT to get the AI battle started.

Google wants to use AI to enhance the Search experience, and even offer TikTok videos as part of the results, the report adds. Google has already introduced Bard AI Chatbot which is available through Google Workspace but going by the rumours, the company has another AI chatbot called Magi lined up for the I/O 2023 keynote this week.

Search has been crying out for big changes, and it seems that Google has realised the urgent need after the growth Microsoft has seen with the increasing traffic on Bing thanks to the AI-powered ChatGPT solution.

Pichai has pointed out that Google is not looking to rush itself into the AI battle and wants to offer a product that does not deviate from facts and right information, something that AI might find hard to deliver. Google’s new Search will use the AI chatbot to offer responses in a diverse way, and maybe continue the channel with follow-up questions.

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