Google Workspace expands AI features to more users


If you are curious about trying out the latest generative AI features coming to Google Workspace, you are in for some good news, as Google is expanding the generative AI features in Google Docs and other apps to more users.
Google has announced on Twitter that it is expanding its trusted tester program, “Labs in Google Workspace,” for generative AI features in Google Workspace. The program will now be open to ten times more users. However, as of now, the program is limited to users in the US and is on an invitation basis.
While Google has not announced when it plans to bring the generative AI features to all users, it says that more people will be added over time.
Currently, the generative AI features are only available in Google Docs. But Google says that more apps, including Slides, Sheets, Chat, Meet, Gmail, and others, will also get generative AI capabilities.
So, if you are in the US, you need to check with your Google Workspace administrator if you have access or not. If you have been invited, you will see a “Help me write” button in Google Docs.
With generative AI, Google Docs provides collaborative editing and AI-powered tools, making brainstorming, proofreading, writing, and rewriting documents more efficient. Google Slides can auto-generate media, bringing users’ creative vision to life. Google Sheets offers data analysis tools like auto-completion, formula generation, and contextual categorization.
In Gmail, users can draft, reply, summarise, and prioritise emails using AI. Google Meet will let users generate new backgrounds and capture notes during meetings with the help of generative AI, while Google Chat will have new workflow management features for team collaboration.
The announcement comes a few days ahead of Google I/O 2023. At the I/O 2023, Google is expected to talk more about Bard and its generative AI efforts.


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