Here’s What OpenAI CEO Says About Remote Working For Tech


Last Updated: May 05, 2023, 19:20 IST

Altman is not convinced about remote working. Here's why

Altman is not convinced about remote working. Here’s why

Remote working became the norm during the pandemic but companies are now slowly moving away from the trend.

Sam Altman, the brains behind OpenAI and its popular product ChatGPT says now that the pandemic has come to an end, so has the era of remote work. Altman clearly believes that having people come to the office and working in person can be the catalyst to create new products.

He feels that working remotely creates confusion as people are virtually meeting and discussing plans. Altman was speaking at a session hosted by Stripe, where he pointed out that for a company to allow full-remote operations, you need the technology to advance, and he says, that hasn’t happened yet.

That’s not all, he feels that the work from home is good in some discipline but mostly an experiment. “I think definitely one of tech industry’s worst mistakes in a long time was that everybody (thought they) could go full remote forever, and startups didn’t need to be together. There was going to be no loss of creativity. I would say that the experiment on that is over, and the technology is not yet good enough that people can be full remote forever, particularly on startups,” he mentioned during the session this week.

Altman and Co. have been busy shaping the future of AI in the industry, and he has got big help from a giant like Microsoft. But in recent weeks, many advocates have shown concerns about the growth of AI and how it could affect humanity.

Google saw the ‘Godfather of AI’ Geoffery Hinton leave the company, and end his journey with a word of caution on the scope of AI.

He claimed that exiting Google helps him talk freely about the perils of AI and warn the world about its dangers without any obstacles from Google. Meanwhile, Altman and his team are busy developing ChatGPT into a major force, which already is miles ahead of the competition. The AI chatbot now supports third-party plugins which use the internet to browse for answers.

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