Here’s what OpenAI did to get the ban lifted on ChatGPT in Italy


Sometime in March, Italy became one of the first countries to ban the popular chatbot ChatGPT. A few weeks later Italian authorities laid down some guidelines for OpenAI if it wanted the chatbot to run in Italy. OpenAI has followed the guidelines and Italy has lifted the ban on ChatGPT. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman tweeted that the chatbot is now available in Italy again.
More transparency for users in Italy
Guarantor For The Protection of Personal Data (GDPP) in Italy released a statement saying that, “The Authority recognises the progress that has been made in combining technological progress with respect for people’s rights and hopes that society will continue along this path of adapting to European data protection legislation.”
As per GDPP, OpenAI prepared and published on its website information aimed at all users and non-users, in Europe and in the rest of the world, to explain what personal data and how they are processed for the training of algorithms and to remind that anyone has the right to object to such processing.
Furthermore, OpenAI has granted everyone in Europe the right to object to their personal data being processed for algorithm training, including through a special form that can be filled out online and easily accessed.
Users in Italy will now also see a welcome screen to the reactivation of ChatGPT in Italy, with references to the new privacy policy and how to process personal data for algorithm training.
OpenAI will while will continue to process certain personal data to ensure the proper functioning of the service on the basis of the contract. But the data will be processed for the purpose of training the algorithms, unless they exercise the right to object, on the basis of legitimate interest.


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