Here’s What the Newly Announced Online Gaming Rules Mean for You: Explained


Under the rules, the SROs (three SROs will be notified to begin with) will have to publish a framework to safeguard users against the risk of gaming addiction.

Under the rules, the SROs (three SROs will be notified to begin with) will have to publish a framework to safeguard users against the risk of gaming addiction.

The industry on Thursday said the new rules for online gaming will spur innovation, boost investor confidence and weed out gambling platforms while making the sector globally competitive.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has recently introduced new rules for online gaming in India, marking a “watershed moment”for the industry. Under these regulations, all online games, whether involving real money or not, will now be subject to greater scrutiny in order to eliminate any games that involve betting or wagering.

However, despite the significance of these new rules, there is still some confusion around how they will be implemented and what they will mean for individual players and gaming platforms. Here, we explain all the changes, and real-world changes in simpler terms.

What are Online Games?

Until now, the definition of what is an online game in India has been blurry. Now, as per the new regulations, an online game is “a game that is offered on the internet and is accessible by the user through a computer resource or an intermediary.”

Which Games Are Prohibited Under The New Rules?

All online gaming which involve elements of betting and wagering are prohibited under the new rules. MoS IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar said, “We are only regulating real money games that involve wagering. By process of exclusion, all other kinds of games will be permissible.” Additionally, Chandrasekhar emphasised that online real money games may be permitted by SROs if they determine that the game does not involve wagering on any outcome.

“These rules will go a long way in promoting consumer interest while helping the industry grow responsibly and transparently and will also help curb the menace of anti-national and illegal offshore gambling sites, which have been proliferating in the last few years,” Chandrasekhar said.

Be Prepared For Mandatory KYC

Under the new rules, all online games will need to adhere to KYC norms and individuals will need to follow the KYC process-increasing security and reducing the occurrence of fraudulent exchanges.

Gamers Acknowledge Real-World Implications

The clear distinction between video games and gambling has to be one of the most clear-cut benefits of the newly announced regulations.“Good to know that the government has finally decided that video games are not gambling,” notable analyst and gamer, Rishi Alwani said. He added, “Hopefully, the best is yet to come.” Until recently, both online video games, and online real money games were considered to be the same—representing a blurry definition.

Video Games and Real Money Games Are Not The Same

The recent clarification that video games and real money games involving games of skill are not the same has provided much-needed clarity to esports gamers and freed them from the taboo associated with real money games. And, will likely motivate more individuals to pursue a career in gaming.

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