How thieves used a coffee shop bathroom to steal iPhones worth Rs 4.9 crores


Last weekend, a robbery occurred at an Apple Store in Washington, USA. The thieves gained access to the store by entering a nearby coffee shop. As per Seattle’s King 5 News, the perpetrators broke into Seattle Coffee Gear, entered the restroom, and cut an opening in the wall leading to the Apple Store’s backroom.
By using the neighboring coffee shop, the thieves managed to bypass the security measures of the Apple Store located in Alderwood Mall. As a result, they were able to steal a total of 436 iPhones valued at approximately $500,000 (around Rs 4.9 crores).
Seattle Coffee Gear manager Eric Marks said during an interview with King 5 News that he had not been aware that his coffee shop was adjacent to the Apple Store. “I would have never suspected we were adjacent to the Apple Store‌, how it wraps around I mean,” said Marks. “So, someone really had to think it out and have access to the mall layout.”
This suggests that the burglars likely conducted a thorough reconnaissance of the mall to plan their heist and identify potential vulnerabilities.
At the time of the robbery, the Apple Store at Alderwood Mall was closed for the night, and no employees were present. It has been confirmed that the mall authorities are collaborating with law enforcement to investigate the incident, but Apple has not issued any statement regarding the theft.
Law enforcement officials were able to retrieve surveillance footage of the burglary, which would potentially aid in identifying the perpetrators. However, since the case is still under investigation, the footage has not been made public. The investigation is ongoing, and police are pursuing leads to identify and apprehend the suspects involved in the theft.
While the adjacent coffee shop was not targeted in the heist, there was still some collateral damage. The thieves caused some damage to the shop’s property in the course of their break-in. As a result, the coffee shop will need to spend about $1,500 to replace locks and repair the damage done to the bathroom wall. This adds an extra layer of frustration for the coffee shop, as they have become an unintended victim of this crime. They will have to spend time and money to repair the damage caused by the burglars, which could have been put towards other areas of their business.


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