How this wearable device may replace smartphones


Humane is an AI-based startup which was co-founded by ex-Apple employee Imran Chaudhri. He was a part of the design and engineering team at Apple. His company has teased its “mysterious project”, which is an unnamed device during a TED Talk event. At this event, Chaudhri demoed the design and some of the key features of the device. The gadget looks like a futuristic wearable that will come with a built-in AI, a camera, a laser projector along with phone-calling support. But, will this device be able to replace smartphones in the coming days?

How will it look and work
Humane’s latest gadget doesn’t have a touchscreen which is imperative in any modern smartphone. Apple’s upcoming AR glasses which the company wants to replace the iPhone with, also may not have touchscreens. However, smartphones or their replacements (that are expected to arrive in the future) need to have some sort of screen interface for users to interact.
In the case of the Humane device, a projector will beam light on nearby surfaces like the pal of the user’s hand. The improvised display is also expected to include buttons that users will be able to press for functions like answering a phone call.
This device which has two components has to be worn on the chest. The part which remains visible includes the laser, camera and speaker while the other part which has to be kept inside the pocket is expected to house the battery and the processor of the device.

The camera which will be included in this device is expected to be able to take pictures and videos. Humane co-founder Imran Chaudhri also demoed the camera on stage. The personal AI that will power the device will also help users to decide what they can or cannot eat based on their preferences and dietary restrictions. Chaudhri also showed other functionalities of the device’s built-in AI as it translated his voice into French.

Just like smartphones, users will be able to interact with the device with voice and gestures. During an English-to-French translation, Chaudhri said, “Invisible devices should be so easy to use, that you almost forget about their existence.” The built-in AI also spoke French for Chaudhri in his voice. However, without a touchscreen, users have to touch the wearable for actions or will need to use voice to activate it.
The device is currently in its testing phase and also strikes some privacy concerns. For example, the gadget uses a speaker for voice calls which can make your conversations public. The device is expected to allow users to connect wireless earphones to the wearable. During the demo, Chaudhri didn’t share any details about the hardware specs or the pricing of the gadget. The company is also expected to properly explain the AI, camera, and projector features of the gadget at a dedicated event.
This device is also currently missing out on multiple mobile computing features like web browsing or apps with a visual UI. So, this gadget might not completely replace a smartphone but can be used as a smartphone companion.


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