Hugging Face releases chatGPT rival, HuggingChat


OpenAI launched its much-talked chatbot ChatGPT last year in November. Since its launch the chatbot has gained immense popularity for its human-like ability in answering queries. However, now it appears that this space is all set to get more and more competitive. Tech giant Google has already started testing its ChatGPt rival Bard and a recent online report also revealed that Elon Musk is also working on introducing a ChatGPT rival. But a company named Hugging Face has already introduced a chatGPT.
An AI startup named Hugging Face has released a ChatGPT rival named HuggingChat. The chatbot is available via web interface and is easy to use. It has a somewhat similar UI to ChatGPT. You can ask all your routine queries to HuggingChat and it can also help you to write emails, codes and more.
The company revealed the details about HuggingChat on its Github page. Here’s what the company said:
We believe that machine learning research and its applications have the potential to have huge positive impacts on our world and therefore should be democratized.
Releasing open datasets, code and machine learning models.
We want to teach the basics of large-scale ML research and data management.
By making models, datasets and code reusable without the need to train from scratch all the time, we want to promote an efficient use of energy and computing resources to face the challenges of climate change.”
Open Assistant is a project meant to give everyone access to a great chat based large language model.
We believe that by doing this we will create a revolution in innovation in language.
In the same way that stable-diffusion helped the world make art and images in new ways we hope Open Assistant can help improve the world by improving language itself.”


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