Indian Govt Warns Security Risk In Microsoft Edge Browser: Update Right Away


Last Updated: April 12, 2023, 16:42 IST

Edge browser is available on Windows, macOS and Android as well.

Edge browser is available on Windows, macOS and Android as well.

The new security issue affects the web browser with a certain version and we suggest you update it right away.

Microsoft Edge browser has a security issue that has been highlighted with a medium severity rating by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team or CERT-In this week. The security agency claims that the web browser from Microsoft has multiple security vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to bypass the security of your device and give them access to the data stored on it.

The agency has also given the details of the issue and how it could affect the targeted devices. “These vulnerabilities exist in Microsoft Edge due to improper validation and user-supplied data when processing files during download. An attacker can use this issue to coerce a user into opening a website designed to attack their device,” CERT-In mentions in its notes.

It also mentions that the security issue is affecting Edge browser version prior to 112.0.1722.34. So if you have versions higher than this one, you are protected by the latest Microsoft patch for the update.

No matter what is the security issue, attackers generally resort to phishing attempts to infect their devices, and these security loopholes have become the popular medium for them to attack. The best way to avoid falling prey for such attempts are:

– Never open emails from unknown senders

– Never download any attachments given in an email from unknown people

– Never click on on any link given in the mail from unknown people

Microsoft has already issued a security bulletin for this issue, so we suggest you update the Edge browser on your PC and other devices right away.

We have seen previous security alerts from CERT-In for Apple, Windows and Android users, and now that Edge is slowly becoming popular thanks to the ChatGPT integration, it is likely that attackers see it as a viable option to access.

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