iPhone Users Could Soon Take Voice Calls With Isolation Tech: What It Means


Last Updated: March 23, 2023, 15:03 IST

iOS 16.4 version promises a slew of changes

iOS 16.4 version promises a slew of changes

iPhone users will get the new iOS version in the coming weeks with new features and the Classical Music app.

Apple continues to make voice calling on iPhones better but some of you would agree that the improvements are evident with third-party features like FaceTime and not for the regular voice calls. But the company is soon going to fulfil iPhone user’s wishes by offering clearer voice calls through the native calling app on the iPhone.

Apple is readying the iOS 16.4 version and the beta version gives us a clear idea about the changes that iPhone users can expect with the public release at a later date.

The next iOS version will bring a slew of new features but the one that has caught our eyes is the Voice Isolation tech. Apple has provided this feature on FaceTime calls since last year, and soon all iPhone calls will have the technology supported as well.

Apple had limited the feature to calling apps like FaceTime so far but soon even the calls made via cellular networks will be compatible.

Apple claims that voice isolation tech is helpful in removing the background noise while you are on a call, which results in a clearer voice quality. You also had to manually enable the option from the iPhone settings, which is why not many iPhone users would have been aware about this useful feature. We are eager to see how the feature works out for all voice calls on iPhone, and if Apple will enable it by default or have different modes to allow users to go by their preference.

iOS 16.4 will also have other additions, including the new Classical version of Apple Music which will be available to existing subscribers without any added cost. You will also have bug fixes, performance boost and a new set of emojis. Apple will also help you remove duplicate images and videos from the iCloud Shared Photo library after this update on iPhones.

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