Is Spotify Going To Launch Its Hi-Fi Service? Here’s What The Company Says


Last Updated: March 16, 2023, 14:59 IST

Spotify HiFi has been in the works for a few years now

Spotify HiFi has been in the works for a few years now

Spotify was supposed to launch its lossless audio tier much before Apple and Amazon but the wait goes on.

Spotify continues to grow as a platform in the music streaming segment with millions already paying for its service. But the company is yet to fulfil its promises of launching the Hi-Fi version of its streaming tier, which was supposedly going to be available much before Apple and Amazon entered the space.

Multiple delays from the company and radio silence about the matter suggested to many that Spotify has given up on launching the Hi-Fi service but this week the company has shared a positive update for its subscribers.

Gustav Söderström, Co-President at Spotify has made it clear that the Hi-Fi streaming service will launch and it is not dead from the company. Söderström was quoted saying this in an interview with The Verge this week, which means that the lossless music tier from the company will launch but he didn’t give a timeline for its availability.

As you might recall, Spotify HiFi was confirmed by the platform much before Apple and Amazon had plans to release their offerings. And there was a lot of excitement among users about the technology coming to the leading music streaming app. But multiple delays and lack of proper communication seems to have fizzled out all the hype there was about HiFi till date.

It’s also interesting that both Apple and Amazon managed to offer their version of HiFi music streaming at no additional cost.

While Spotify talked about charging extra for offering its HiFi streaming quality. Söderström is quizzed about the reasons to delay its launch, and also asked if the licensing terms and pricing has become an issue to release the service. “The industry changed and we had to adapt,” he adds.

And then suggested that the HiFi service needs to work for Spotify “from a cost perspective as well.” It is obvious that Apple launching the service without extra charge has scuppered Spotify’s plans to launch its service.

We did come across leaked details of the Spotify HiFi plan that was priced at $19.99 (Rs 1600 approx) per month, with a lot of new features which the platform thinks merited a higher price tag. In the meanwhile, Apple bundled its Classic music service for the existing Apple Music users which is going to make it harder for Spotify to charge a premium for its lossless music tier.

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