Makers Of Pebble Smartwatch Now Want To Launch A Compact Android Phone


Last Updated: March 24, 2023, 08:30 IST

The compact phone could have a place now that the iPhone 13 Mini was discontinued

The compact phone could have a place now that the iPhone 13 Mini was discontinued

The team which was big part of the success of Pebble smartwatches now has a different focus.

Pebble smartwatches were popular and now its creators want to enter the smartphone segment with a unique focus. The team behind Pebble wants to make a compact Android phone that could take over the mantle from the discontinued iPhone 13 Mini.

Eric Migicovsky has started a community that is focused on designing and production of the phone. Eric’s team claims they have got over 38,000 signatures for the product to go ahead. To be fair, he doesn’t have a company in place, but Eric and Co. have been planning for the phone behind the scenes and claim that they have tried to source the display, the chip and even the design of the phone.

Eric has got other ex-Pebble colleagues joining for this project, and it is exciting to see them talking about their plans, and how they plan to fund the production of the phone in the near future.

The team already comprises an industrial design head, a project manager and even a data scientist, although we are not sure how the latter will help with the development of the smartphone. Pebble had to shut down after it was bought by FitBit back in 2016, and looking at the pace of their plans for the phone, it seems they might be onto something.

The team has already talked about layouts of the phone’s camera module, how to improvise with the design language to give it a fresh appeal but make it recognisable yet unique. In terms of the camera specs, the team wants to deliver a unit that can click good photos, so don’t expect them to join the megapixel war. They will also utilise software optimisations to enhance the imaging quality from the camera. Hearing all these details, it wouldn’t be hard to compare Eric’s goals similar to Carl Pei from Nothing.

The company has launched its first smartphone that definitely scores high with its unique Glyph LED interface transparent back panel. The Nothing Phone (1) has also focused on software improvements which allows the phone to be a reliable long-term option. Nothing launched the phone for around Rs 35,000 in the market, and Eric could do worse than follow Carl and Co. to chart their own journey in the smartphone segment.

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