Meta Quest Pro And Quest 2 VR Headset Prices Cut: Here’s Why


Last Updated: March 06, 2023, 18:37 IST

Meta wants more people to get into VR

Meta wants more people to get into VR

Meta is planning to have new models in the next few years but it also wants to have more people using the ecosystem.

Meta continues with its journey to bring the metaverse into the mainstream segment. Its products have been priced on the higher side but now you are seeing a change in stance as the company grapples to keep the ecosystem relevant. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Meta claims that the price cut has been done to help more people get into virtual reality (VR), for which they would require hardware like the Quest 2 or Quest Pro.

Meta is also planning for future Quest headsets, which means the company would need a quick turnover of the existing units, and we have usually seen phone brands apply this strategy to clear the older models. The decision becomes clearer when you see the steep price revisions done for both Quest Pro and the Quest 2 VR headset.

Quest Pro And Quest 2 VR Headset New Prices

Quest Pro VR headset price now starts at $1,000 (Rs 82,700 approx) which is a $500 (Rs 4,000 approx) price drop. You can pick up the Quest 2 VR headset for $429 (Rs 35,130 approx) rather than its earlier price tag of $500 (4,200 approx) for the 256GB variant. The price changes are vital for Meta who are hoping that more consumers will now consider buying the VR headsets and help the company grow its metaverse ecosystem.

Meta is spreading its wings in the next few years, in fact it has reportedly charted a roadmap that includes new launches till 2027. It has some ambitious plans for its Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality gear in the next few years. Zuckerberg believes that AR glasses will soon become as common as mobile phones.

Meta’s first AR glasses are lined up for 2027, he said in the memo to his employees. The company also plans to enter the wearable segment with a smartwatch. The Quest 3 is expected later this year for around the same price range.

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