Meta ‘stops’ Reels Play program for creators


Amid the “year of efficiency,” Meta is now ending the rewards program, the Reels Play, for content creators on Instagram and Facebook.
The Reels Play bonus program, which rewards content creators upon reaching a certain number of views on their Reels, will be phased out. The move, first reported by Business Insider, will affect content creators on both Instagram and Facebook.
Paige Cohen, a spokesperson for Meta, told Verge, that they are concentrating on investing in various monetization solutions to assist creators in earning consistent income, and as a result, they are refining the testing of their Reels Play bonus on Instagram and Facebook.
The program, first introduced in 2021, was Meta’s bet to lure creators off TiTok, promising top-performing creators earnings of as much as $35,000 a month. At first, creators received substantial payments, with some earning tens of thousands of dollars. But then, as 2022 progressed, some noted that their payments had decreased, and hitting the same amount was becoming more challenging.
The bonuses for Reels were a component of Meta’s $1 billion fund allocated for creators over two years, as pledged by the company until 2022.
Insider reports that Meta is discontinuing the rewards in preparation for the rollout of advertising on Reels, which will allow for a more conventional revenue-sharing arrangement with creators.
Tom Alison, the head of the Facebook app at Meta, hinted at this transition in a recent blog post discussing the company’s objectives. The post stated that the company would expand its Facebook Reels ad tests to assist more creators in earning ad revenue for their Reels and boost virtual gifting via Stars on Reels.
Now that the rewards program is coming to an end, we can expect Meta to soon move to the revenue-sharing model.
The report notes that while the company will not provide any new or renewed Reels Play bonus agreements, it will fulfil current obligations over 30 days.


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